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An Open Letter To Veterans Who Have Want To Make Progress with Their VA Appeal:

If You’re A Veteran And Have Been Wrongfully Denied Disability Benefits In The Last 12 Months…

We Want To Hear From You!

If you’ve been wrongfully denied, it’s likely because you did not have the proper medical evidence to prove your service-connection…

So we’re here to help.

Get Supporting Medical Evidence For Your Claim
We gather and organize all the information that the VA needs to determine eligibility for benefits after you’ve been wrongfully denied.
Medical Evidence Produced to 38CFR Definitions
If your appeal shows your symptoms or conditions meet the 38CFR definition of a qualifying benefit, you should receive compensation.
Medical Documents You Need
We can help with Nexus Letters, Medical Assessments, Expert Medical Opinions, Lay/Buddy Statements, and more that are needed for a strong appeal.

If You Have a Qualifying Wrongfully Denied Claim, We'll Help Develop Your Medical Evidence So You Can Win Your Appeal!

How can we promise this?

As one of the country’s leading evidence-based medical consulting firms, we’ve been successfully developing medical evidence to support claims for our clients.

While there are no guarantees of approval, our clients win a very large number of previously denied claims because our medical evidence is backed with details, research, data, and supporting documents that PROVE your diagnosis (or symptoms) are service-connected.

Not only that, our medical evidence is produced to meet the 38CFR definitions (the VA’s legal definition on medical qualifications to receive disability benefits).

Meaning, if certain symptoms or conditions meet the 38CFR definition of a qualifying benefit, you can receive compensation.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Listen To What Some of Our Successful Clients Had To Say About Us…

VA Claim Pros are the best! They did what nobody else could do. Professional and Courteous. They cut through the red tape, and helped me get my VA disability. So grateful for their help!

Charles McClellan

I learned about VA Claim Pros when I was telling A friend that I was going to be reevaluated by the VA.

He shared his experience with Claim Pros and invited me to come meet a rep who was going to be in my area.

Well, the rep was able to not only walk me through how medical evidence supports my claim, but he answered all of my questions which was amazing seeing how when you go see the VA rep on most installations they tell you to go online and figure it out for yourself (true story).

From the time I started the process until I had a decision from the VA raising my rating it took 28 days, this in itself is a miracle.

I have and will recommend VA Claim Pros to others. My experience has been nothing less than Excellent.

Jack Tressler

I used VA Claim Pros to help me get my disability rating increased. They are very professional and helpful. If you need help with your claims, don’t wait another minute. Call the Pros!

Glenn Smith

Looking to have your disability rating increased? Let the VA claim Pros help you out! They are there with you every step of the way. They are very helpful, informative, and will walk you through the medical evidence process painlessly. I highly recommended VA Claim Pros.

Sarah Smith

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