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An Open Letter To Veterans Who’ve Been Denied Disability Benefits In The Last 12 Months…

If You're A Veteran And Have Been Wrongfully Denied Disability Benefits In The Last 12 Months...

We Want To Hear From You!

You could literally be owed hundreds, even thousands of dollars in benefits.

If you’ve been wrongfully denied, it’s likely because you did not have the proper medical evidence to prove your service-connection…

But it’s not your fault!

Here are two big reasons why:


You weren’t armed with the right information regarding the VA disabilities requirement for service-connection.


The VA always denies cases that don’t have the proper medical evidence or documentation.

That’s Where We Step In

We have years of experience helping Veterans develop their medical evidence to support and win claims they are medically and ethically qualified for. We gather the supporting medical documentation and independent medical opinions the VA needs to determine eligibility for benefits.

We write and organize all supporting medical evidence and guide you through the process to give you the best chance for a fast approval.

As one of the country’s leading evidence-based medical consulting firms, we’ve been successfully fighting wrongfully denied benefit claims for our clients since 2017.

We've helped thousands of Veterans since 2017 and offer 100% Risk Free guarantee.

Simply put, we know the VA disability system is frustrating and many Veterans have invested time and money getting all they deserve from the VA.

If you were wrongfully denied, we can give you the best chance at winning maximum compensation you medically and ethically qualify for. Just leave it to us to take care of all the legwork involved to furnish the medical evidence you need to present to the VA.


To see if you qualify for VA Disability Benefits (even if you’ve previously been denied or don’t believe your health conditions are eligible), keep reading...

From The Desk Of: VA Claim Pros

Dear Friend,

If you’re still reading this letter, chances are you’ve been denied for disability benefits. You might be left feeling confused, frustrated, and maybe even scared. And in just a moment we’ll tell you the exact steps to take, and the exact order to take them in.
But before we go any further I have something extremely important to explain…

VA Claim Pros provides supporting medical evidence for your claim.

We do not file claims or appeals, we develop medical evidence in support of your claim and independent medical opinions providing the required Nexus link when your disability is service-connected.

It all starts with medical evidence of your diagnosed medical disability.

Depending on your specific case, the evidence needed may vary to link your in-service event to your symptoms and diagnosis.

Every Veteran seeking benefits may need at least one of the following documents when filing an appeal:

• Nexus Letter
• Medical Assessments
• Expert Medical Opinion
• Lay/Buddy Statement

But many Veterans simply do not provide sufficient medical evidence and details to support their case, and force the VA to approve their claim.

If you have a qualifying disability we'll help develop your Medical Evidence so you can win your claim!

How can we promise this?

While there are no guarantees of approval, our clients win a very large number of previously denied claims because our medical evidence is backed with details, research, data, and supporting documents that PROVE your diagnosis (or symptoms) are service-connected.

Not only that, our medical evidence is produced to meet the 38CFR definitions (the VA’s legal definition on medical qualifications to receive disability benefits).

Meaning, if certain symptoms or conditions meet the 38CFR definition of a qualifying benefit, you can receive compensation.


Local Veteran Service Organizations May Not Know Some Critical Facts:

You spent years in the service and you count on the VA to take care of you.

So it’s natural to want the absolute best service, and to know you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your life.

However, what if you’ve been unfairly denied benefits or were never awarded the benefits you were rightfully entitled to begin with?

For instance…


Many Veterans that have been denied a sleep apnea claim may not know that it is typically secondary to another service-connected disability, like PTSD or a knee injury.


Many Veterans that suffer from PTSD or other mental health conditions are not aware they often need a history of treatment and a diagnosis from a third-party psychiatrist to fight their appeal.


Many Veterans that take medications for chronic pain that then causes other health issues may be eligible for a secondary service-connection related disability benefit.

If you were denied claims for ANY of these conditions…


The Challenge With VA Disability Ratings...

The VA takes every individual injury or illness into consideration when calculating your disability ratings. This might include one or more health conditions, such as sleep apnea, PTSD, or depression.

Unfortunately, the VA may not have “sufficient” medical evidence when reviewing a claim, leading to a denial even though you may qualify for disability benefits.

This means a good number of Veterans end up with far less compensation than they medically and ethically qualify for.

While there’s no denying the wealth of resources, and support for Veterans the VA provides, just like any other organization, limitations exist.

It’s a flawed system...

So if you’re a Veteran, and have been denied disability benefits in the last 12 months, let us help you, starting now – simply click the button below to see if you qualify….


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Listen To What Some of Our Successful Clients Had To Say About Us...


Review from Charles McClellan

VA Claim Pros are the best! They did what nobody else could do. Professional and Courteous. They cut through the red tape, and helped me get my VA disability. So grateful for their help!

Charles McClellan


Review from Jack Tressler

I learned about VA Claim Pros when I was telling A friend that I was going to put in to be reevaluated by the VA.

He shared his experience with Claim Pros and invited me to come meet a rep who was going to be in my area.

Well the rep was able to not only walk me through the process of how to submit a claim, but he answered all of my questions which was amazing seeing how when you go see the VA rep on most installations they tell you go online and figure it out for yourself (true story).

From the time I started the process until I had a decision from the VA raising my rating it took 28 days, this in its self is miracle.

I have and will recommend VA Claim Pros to others. My experience has been nothing less than Excellent.

Jack Tressler


Review from Glenn Smith

I used VA Claim Pros to help me get my disability rating increased. They are very professional and helpful. If you need help with your claims, don’t wait another minute. Call the Pros!

Glenn Smith


Review from Sarah Smith

Looking to have you disability rating increased? Let the VA claim Pros help you out! They fill out all of your paperwork and help you every step of he way. They are very helpful, informative and will walk you through the process painlessly. I highly recommended VA Claim Pros.

Sarah Smith


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