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VA Disability Claims Deadlines Have Been Extended, But a Backlog is Likely

Here’s How Veterans Can Increase Their Chances of Winning VA Claims During These Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, Veterans face some of the highest risk among our population. Many are over the age of 65 with underlying conditions tied to their military service, making them more susceptible to other more serious conditions and illnesses. Dealing with VA disability benefits claims can be a confusing process, but adding unprecedented illness and economic instability to the mix can add another element of stress. Right now, many Veterans are unsure if it is still possible to submit their VA benefits claims, while others who may have lost their income or jobs completely are wondering how they will manage to pay back any outstanding debts. But while VA disability claim deadlines have been delayed, there is an increased likelihood that more Veterans will take this time to apply for benefits, creating a backlog of claims that will take longer to process and adjudicate. But with no clear end in sight, it is important for Veterans to submit their claims quickly and with enough clear, supporting evidence that leaves no room for dispute. Claims that are hastily submitted without substantial medical evidence connecting their claim to their time in service will likely get pushed back or wrongfully denied.

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